Four Seasons In Belgium

by fanny hartanti

Dear Alyssa

Dear Alyssa,

Dear Alyssa,
I’ve been there, I’ve done that…
I’ve made silly mistakes..
I’ve made stupid actions…
I’ve made wrong decisions…Mungkin ini bukan ide terhebat…
Atau nasihat terbijak…
Atau pengalaman yang luar biasa…

You dont have to follow them, if you dont want to. Some of them might be rubbish anyway πŸ™‚
…but i still wanna share them with you..
Just because …

* do what you love
==>; you’ll spend most of your time working, so you better find something you are passionate about, and do it. Money, success, pride will eventually follow. Insya Allah. Jangan melakukan sesuatu atas dasar gengsi, ikut-ikutan atau terpaksa.

* Be Friendly
===>; Some people might seem scary and intimidating, but it’s because they are actually just as scared and intimidated (well, in most cases anyway) as you. So be friendly, be confident and just smile! A smile will break the ice, and you’d be surprised on how many will actually smile back πŸ™‚

* Make Mistakes
===>; Not only practice makes perfect, mistakes too..

* Make Friends
===>; Jangan cepet-cepet pacaran. Better spend more time with your friends. I mean it!

* Use Sunblock
===>; Sorry dear, tapi kayaknya mama menurunkan gen kulit sensitif ke kamu. So take a good care of yr skin sedari dini πŸ™‚

* Family Forgive Eachother
===>; So do tell us everything… Oh.. and i’m sorry if i yelled, but family always forgives and forgets πŸ™‚

* Travel Travel Travel
===>; Yak, mama udah nabung, moga-moga kalau kamu lulus sma, kamu bisa jjs melihat dunia yah. I believe travel enriches yr life and broadens yr view.

* Kalau kamu lagi krisis pede, fake it till you make it.
===>; Believe me, it works!

* Dont date any guy who doesnt respect you and whom you cant respect
===>; It will really be a waste of time!

* Dont settle for anything less than you deserve
===>; Because you deserve only the best. So fight and earn them!

* Stay true to yourself
===>; There’s no point of trying to be someone you’re not. you dont need to justify yrself nor do you need to meet someone’s expectation, or to maintain a certain ‘cool’ image. It is useless and can be exhausting.
besides, what’s the point? You are special and unique and perfect in yr own way. Be proud of who you are and if others cant accept it, then it’s their problem, not yours.

* Take care of yourself
===>; Eat healthy and exercise! mammography and pap-smear are important. Dont skip these tests!

* Dont over-analyze things
===>; Follow yr heart, do what you think is best, and once it is done, dont regret or worry too much.

* Putting yr self first doesnt mean you are a selfish person
===>; Always be sensitive towards others, but you dont have to sacrifice yourself.. Try to be creative, look for compromises and win-win solutions. Communicate! Negotiate! Ask! You’d be surprise of what you can achieve, and you might actually help someone by putting yourself first!

* Believe in yourself
===>; Dont let people tell you what you can not do or what you should do.

* Admit the mistakes you made
===>; Denying it will only cause more problems, and by being honest, you will gain people’s rescpect. But when you do say ‘sorry’, say it only when you mean it, and do it with dignity. Jangan menye-menye.

* Read mama’s books
===>;That’s an order!

* Learn Indonesian
===>; That’s also an order!

* Broken Hearted?
===>; When a stupid boyfriend of yours ran off with another girl, thank the girl. She actually is helping you by taking out your ‘garbage’

* Bad Boys…
===>; Are always tempting. You can have fun with them, but please, dont fall in love. Just have fun. Fun is the keyword here.. oh, Fun, and CAREFUL.

* Proberen om te relativeren
===>; the world can be an ugly place. but everything happens for a reason. try to look for the silver lining. when life throws you lemons, bring in the tequilla!

* Express yourself

===>; Acknowledge your feelings. Spend time to grieve whenever you need it. Weep, scream, cry your eyes out. but remember to always keep the faith, that eventually, it’s all going to be allright!

* Up-down
===>; Look up to keep you motivated, Look down to count your blessings. Whatever happens to you, pls stay on the ground.

* Don’t drink and drive
===>; No one knows their alcohol tolerance level. It’s one of the most selfish, stupid things one could do. You might put yourself and others in danger. Remember you can always call us to pick you up, or get a taxi. We’ll pay the bill. Seriously!

* Make up and clothes
===>; Too much make up or slutty clothes, not cool! Go for effortlessly chic-sexy-natural kindda look!

* Happily ever after
===>; Maintaining a good relationship is a full-time job. Never take it for granted. Work it girl!

* Smile Theraphy
===>; I’ve mentioned smile a lot, havent I? it’s because i believe in the power of a smile. A smile can lead you to friendships, it breaks the ice, and it might even calm you down (it releases certain hormon, that can actually make you feel better when you’re sad). A smile will brighten your face, make you look more confident, happy and dignified, you will actually believe that you are confident, happy and dignified, even if you didnt before. Promise me to smile, at least once a day. Even if that means you have to force it.

* Speak up
==>; Jangan pernah takut menyatakan pendapat / pertanyaan / permintaan.
But be assertive, not aggresive. Ask, dont beg.

* Shopping
==>; Branded goods are good, tapi jangan beli untuk mendonkrak gengsi.
you do NOT need designer bags to claim yr status or to show off.
So only buy nice things, because you really love them or need them.

* Love
===>; be with a guy who makes you feel like you are the sexiest, most beautiful, smartest, perfect and happiest woman in the world. Just like your papa makes me feel. But, ssst.. dont tell him that.. it’s our secret πŸ™‚

* Keluarga
===>; adalah salah satu kekayaan terbesar yang kamu miliki. Never ever turn your back on them. And always remember, that we, will always be there for you!

* asking is for free
dont be afraid to ask. if you dont ask, most likely you wont get what you want. if you ask, the chances of getting it will increase.
even if the answer is a ‘no’, at least you know you’ve tried (and you can always ask again, and again until ‘no’ becomes ‘yes’ πŸ™‚

* you’re half indonesian
learn indonesian (like ive asked you already above) and learn about the country. and never forget you have yr family there too who loves you to the moon and back. stay in touch, no matter what!

* tentang mengomentari penampilan orang
ingatlah kalau semua orang itu unik dan memiliki hak untuk mengekspresikan dirinya sendiri. fashion is not only for supermodels, jadi kalau ada orang gendut mau berbikini, ya biarkan saja.
selalu sapa orang dengan ramah, tanyakan kabarnya dengan tulus dan dengarkan jawabannya. gak ada untungnya bilang ‘eh kok kamu tambah gendut sih?’ untuk membuka pembicaraan. kalau memang harus berkomentar soal penampilan, berilah pujian yang tulus ya sayang…

* seandainya kamu yang dapet komentar gak enak..
dont let it get to you. mungkin orang itu gak punya mamah sekeren mamamu yang suka kasih nasihat super keren seperti ini πŸ™‚

* help the unfortunates
beberapa orang gak mendapatkan kesempatan belajar dan fasilitas atau potensi seperti yang kamu miliki. kalau kamu punya kesempatan untuk membantu, bantulah. kalau gak, ya gak papa, tapi tetap hargai mereka ya. they have less opportunity, but that dont make them less worthy as person. ok?

* say please and thank you
maybe i dont need to write this down because you are one of the most polite children i’ve ever met! never forget to say thank you and please… even when you’re asleep! ahahaha
but anyway, just in case you forget.. pls always treat people with respect. always say thank you and please, even to your sub-ordinates, waitress.. anybody.. ok? please honey? thank you!

* i’m gonna quote maya angelou here: “you alone are enough. you have nothing to prove to anybody”
i hope you will always remember this Alyss.. that you are enough.

* having friends is important. good friends are like family. they stick with you. they love you. they annoy you and irittate you. they’ll push and may kick your ass when they think you need to be pushed and getting your ass kicked.
love them back. take a good care of them. value your friendships.

* be open minded!
try different kind of food, travel, learn other countries traditions, respect their cultures, learn new languages!

* your goal in life
You shouldn’t do anything to make us proud. You should do everything in your power to make YOURSELF proud. Follow your heart and dreams, not anyone’s elses.

* I’m happy. You should be happy too!

You Only Live Once
Enjoy every minute of it. Dont hold grunges. Let go. Forgive. Have Fun! Dance! Dont think/worry too much. Buy the bag/lipstick/shoes you want. LIVE!


7 comments on “Dear Alyssa

  1. Annisa Dzawilfitri
    April 21, 2012

    Bagus bagus banget semua pesannya..!
    Meskipun udah sering baca dan denger tapi tetep g ngebosenin..
    Bagian yg paling aku suka
    Don’t settle for anything for anything less than you deserve..
    Fake it ’til you make it..


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  4. sondangrp
    December 3, 2013

    AKu dah pernah baca ini Fan tahun lalu, dan I found this soooo sweet. Banget. Dan bikin mata berkaca-kaca juga. *ini cengeng kayaknya*


    • fanhar
      December 3, 2013

      Ahahahha… Makasih ya Sondang *sodorintissue*


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