Four Seasons In Belgium

by fanny hartanti


Tadi pagi, saat bengong di mobil menuju kantor, suddenly it hit me.
Tiba-tiba saya mikir.

When did i stop seing ‘a problem’ as ‘ a challenge’ ?

Dulu, kalau saya terbentur masalah, atau sesuatu hil yang (keliatannya) mustahal, saya justru merasa tertantang. I would have said ‘Bring it on !!!”

I run away from it. Or Hide. Or pretend that I dont even want something so much so why bother trying – just to avoid the problem on the way.

Where is the old Fanny?
Or, should I say ‘the young Fanny’ 🙂

So now, i guess i should just cut the crap.
And say it out loud whenever a problem challenge is there.


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This entry was posted on February 25, 2011 by in thinking.


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