Four Seasons In Belgium

by fanny hartanti


I feel a bit menye-menye tonight.
What is ‘menye-menye’ ?
Well, according to my editor who edited ‘menye-menye’ in my book, it can be described as ‘manja berlebihan’. halah!

Kenapa saya jadi menye-menye?
Gara-gara abis ngebaca email-email jaman saya pacaran jarak jauh sama Jo.
Hadeuwww.. itu yah, romantis pisan euy!
Banyak banget kata-kata Love, Schaat(=sayang), Sweety, Honey yang diumbar 🙂
Dan janji-janji surga! ahahaha..
Those moments… *menerawang*

Saya jadi mikir.
Bedanya dulu dan sekarang..
He doesnt call me Honey anymore.
Nor Sweety.
Nor Love.
Nor Schaat.

In fact.. just two hours ago, when I forgot to turn off the oven, he reminded me by saying “Hey Hartanti.. the oven is still on, huh?” *we’re not even in first name basis anymore :))*
I replied by saying “Sowwwwrrry”

But then again, I didnt send him any love letter any more. I did send an email today…with a grocery list 🙂

The way he looked at me still makes me feel like I’m the sexiest woman alive.
And although sometimes i know that he’s not listening to every words I say (especially when i ramble.. and I do ramble a lot).. I just know that he understands me like no one else does.
And I do know, that eventhough he is not the kind of guy who showers me with flowers and romantic gestures, he is one reliable, trustworthy guy that i trust more than I trust my self! *sumpah*
And while i consider him as ‘raja tega’ sometimes, i know, that whenenver I’m in trouble, i can count on him to be my hero, the prince charming who will rescue me and sweep me off on his white horse.

oh how i love him.

*menye-menye banget yah? ah biarin :)*

7 comments on “Menye-Menye

  1. Rina Suryakusuma
    November 20, 2010

    ow, so sweet :)inspiring banget kalau mau bikin novel tentang married, ya Fan 🙂


  2. Fanny
    November 20, 2010

    Rina.. hhehe makanya, the wedding games 😉


  3. Rina Suryakusuma
    November 22, 2010

    Wahahahaa, asyikkkkgak sabar nunggu terbit 😉


  4. Astrid
    November 22, 2010

    Fan! gw juga suka mikir gitu deh…dulu kok romantis banget, niat banget bela-belain bandung-bogor-jakarta untuk ketemuan even cuman sejam trus balik lagi! lah sekarang?tiada hari tanpa sebel sama dia. hahaha…anyway menye" itu bagus, drpd datar artinya udah gawaaattt =p


  5. Fanny
    November 22, 2010

    Rina: iya.. jangan lupa beli yah.. *teteupjualan*Astrid: gue suka protes Tid.. memaksa Jo untuk lebih romantis. Eh dia jawab : Ha Woman.. you're stuck wtih me! trus ketawa ala butoijo.ngeselin 🙂


  6. Lisa
    November 23, 2010

    suit suiiiiit


  7. Fanny
    November 23, 2010

    Lisa : *blushing*


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