Four Seasons In Belgium

by fanny hartanti

10.10.10 = 7 !!!

as the world keeps spinnin’ ’round,
you hold me, right here, right now,
i’m lucky i’m in love with my best friend ,
lucky to have been where i have been,
lucky to be coming home again,
lucky we’re in love in every way,
lucky to have stay where we have stay,
lucky to be coming home someday…

(lucky – jason mraz & colbie caillat )

indeed i’m very lucky.
with all your imperfections, you are the perfect one for me.

love you mr. cleymans.

happy 7th year anniversary.

4 comments on “10.10.10 = 7 !!!

  1. e r y k a
    October 10, 2010

    Ngekngoookk pas baca lirik lagu sih nyesek *memory boook* hahahahahaa anyway happy anniversary dear mama fanny n papa jo, semoga selalu bersama dalam seneng maupun susah yaaaa….


  2. fanny
    October 10, 2010

    makasih cintaa… amin amin amin..hope you'll find yr 'bestfriend' soon yaaah


  3. Rina Suryakusuma
    October 12, 2010

    Fanny, happy anniversary ya. Maaf, telat :)semoga langgeng terus kayak janji nikah, ya :)dan semoga Al cepet punya dedek. Eh, btw, mau nambah gak ya? sok tahu dan sok pede aja deh. Neng Al sdh gede, layak dikasih dede yang cute heheheee


  4. fanny
    October 12, 2010

    Rina, thanks!!!Err.. adek..? gak lah! hahaha


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