Four Seasons In Belgium

by fanny hartanti

I’m still trying…

… not to complain about silly things. In fact… not to complain about anything at all.
But it is difficult. So f*cking hard. Damn it… (see what I mean?)

* Trying not to complain about the weather
cuaca adalah topik yang sangat mudah untuk membuka percakapan. and in belgium we use that a lot. talking complaining about the weather. salju, panas, hujan, dingin. Pasti semua ngeluh. me too.. padahal, di luar sana, bayak korban tsunami dan badai yang harus tetap survive. i still have a roof on my head. hey, i’m lucky! so i’d better keep my mouth zipped!

* Trying not to complain about $$$
Do you wanna see my wishlist? No, better not. Terlalu panjang. I guess I can consider my self rich selama gue masih bisa makan lebih dari tiga kali sehari, dan memilih mau makan apa gue hari itu. Or, mau makan siapa. ahahaha!

* Trying not to complain that i dont have enough free time / vacation
well, i always have the option NOT to work, do I? Tapi gue memilih untuk bekerja, dan bahkan menulis. so i know the risks and i take ’em. ’nuff said. Nikmatin ajeee…

Gue bisa bikin daftar yang lebih panjang lagi.. but moral of the story here, I’m still learning. Counting my blessings is not always easy. But I’m getting there. I hope…

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This entry was posted on July 11, 2010 by in thinking.


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